Cainné Angste only works with creatives who project an exceptional vision. We call them World Builders.

‘World Builders’ are people who lend their artistic vision to our commercial and non-commercial projects. It is our very goal to provide them with trust and artistic freedom, to create the best results for them, you and us.

Andrew Gura
Director & Creative Director

Andrew’s images and stories celebrate the human experience, elevate everyday moments as extraordinary events, and explore new aesthetic forms. Also on occasion, they will inspire you to chuckle and snort. He is recently falling back in love with his early Hip Hop work for the likes of MF DOOM.

Susanne Spiel, VIE

Susanne Spiel is an internationally working photographer currently living in Vienna. She brings her perspective to international luxury brands in the field of fashion, beauty, and portrait.

She finds inspiration from unusual beauty and imperfection.

Younji Ku
Visual Innovator

Younji Ku is a multidisciplinary creative based in London. During six years at SHOWstudio Younji has pushed the boundaries of avant-garde visual communication, for Comme des Garçons, Iris van Herpen or Kanye West. Her striking aesthetics seep through the eyes but foremost speak to the heart and soul of its beholders.

Moritz Scharf

Moritz Scharf's passion for electronic music started at tunnel raves with Sven Väth in the late nineties. Since then Moritz steadily developed his musical skills. After spending a significant amount of time at analog synth producer, Moritz is now focussing on making music again. His uncorrupted musical style elevates creative projects of any kind.

Dian Warsosumarto

Creative strategist & writer, advisor and connector. I combine two decades of agency experience with a growing urge to impact on culture. I am on a journey to restore the true value of creativity while challenging the creative industry's habits, rules, and dogmas. I strive to create strong fields of contrast that breed new ideas.

We work with brands, but also build our own along the way. Find out more about our products on the next page.